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Les Ailleurs Paris Presentation Les Ailleurs are happy to open the doors of the festival to the general public from May 19, ! Reservations on the Gaîté Lyrique website.

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If, due to confinement, we have learned to travel and lose ourselves within the virtual in all its forms, the new attention economy often blurs the tracks and makes us forget the question of the destination: where to go? With immersive media, the choice of destination matters much more than an infinite scroll on social networks.

Les Rencontres d'Arles 2021 - Liz Johnson Artur

And this is how the programmers of Les Ailleurs scoured the map of their senses, coming back with a selection of initiations, exotic trips, possible drifts in the land of a new understanding.

One exhibition, three thematic journeys Les Ailleurs articulates a selection of works in virtual reality, interactive projections and spatialized sound works around three routes.

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The first, Wild Journeys, is an invitation to symbiotic journeys in non-human worlds. The public goes to meet the synesthetic jellyfish of Mélodie Mousset and Edo Fouilloux The Jellyfishwho will teach them the vibratory landscapes of the depths below, before bonding with the endearing creatures of Eric Chahi during a contemplative stroll in a world terraformed Paper Beastthen learn the language of Polyrhythmie des cachalots, and discover the world in slow motion inhabitated by hybrid flowers by artist Lauren Moffatt.

The second route, Intimate Transportations, takes the public into the multiple territories of the self.

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Finally, in the course, Parallel Dimensions, we will get lost in the virtual to better find ourselves on the way back. With the artists Laurie Anderson and Hsien Chien Huang, we will travel to the moon to gain height on our vision of the world To The Moonwe will try a liberating psychedelic experience Soundselfbefore remaining stunned by the performance.

Performances, creative workshops for young audiences and conferences integrated into the opening week and masterclass will complete the courses, and highlight the richness and fascinating diversity of creative practices around immersive mediums.

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